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Budget reductions, reorganizations and the resulting layoffs are unsettling and accompanied by a variety of both practical and psychological needs that must be addressed to support employees and move them towards reemployment. Because most displaced employees are not well versed in the strategies needed to manage the stress of losing their job or the techniques to aggressively undertake a search for a new position, the primary goal of outplacement services is to provide the training, skills and support necessary for individuals to become reemployed as quickly as possible. Whether working with a large group of employees or a single executive, I can help your impacted employees:

Frequently Asked Questions

Organizations provide outplacement services to employees who are impacted by downsizing, reorganization, layoff or firing. The impacted employee receives both practical advice as they seek a new job and emotional support to manage their career transition.

There are numerous benefits to providing outplacement services including:

  • Maintaining the organization’s reputation as an employer who values their employees and is a great place to work despite their need to move one or more employees out of the organization
  • Reducing the amount of time for employees to find a new position
  • Improving the morale of those leaving the organization and of those staying
Outplacement service options range from executive transition programs spanning several months, 30 or 60 day transition programs for staff level employees, providing a set dollar amount that can be spent towards outplacement services, one or two day group workshops that can be delivered with or without individual follow-up sessions, and/or facilitation of an on-going job search support group for impacted employees. I have designed a wide range of customized outplacement services for clients and am happy to confidentially advise management on the combination of services that best meet your organization’s needs and budget.
Yes. Due to their more specialized skills and salary requirements, executive level employees often require additional time to identify and secure their next position. Consequently, it is common practice to offer outplacement services to executives that last between 1 and 6 months. Whatever the length, these programs begin with a one-on-one introduction to services and are followed by additional sessions for each month of service. Topics addressed in sessions are highly customized to the individual client and include career assessments, career change, resume development, LinkedIn, job search strategies, networking, targeting prospective employers, interviewing, starting a business, organizing a job search and other career related issues.

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