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Career Counseling

With focus, planning and professional guidance, you can have a meaningful career that is rewarding, aligns with your values, and enhances your quality of life. Job satisfaction affects your happiness, health, well-being, and relationships. You owe it to yourself to make it better. Finding the right career doesn’t just happen. I can help you:

Frequently Asked Questions

The primary focus of career counseling is to help people make decisions and develop action plans related to their career, educational and life goals and help them build the confidence to pursue these goals.  Typically, short-term in nature, individual career counseling is composed of a series of 50-minute sessions that cover topics such as career assessment, career options and exploration, resume and cover letter writing, LinkedIn profiles, networking, job search strategies, interviewing, salary negotiation and work-life balance. 
Services are tailored to the specific needs of each individual. Clients select the services that meet their specific needs and determine the number of sessions they would like as the process unfolds. On average clients see me for 4-6 sessions.
Absolutely; I love helping clients with this process! Through a variety of assessments and exercises I can help you identify potential career paths and next steps to guide you in exploring options, hone your focus and advance your search for a career that works for you.
While I am sometimes aware of specific job openings and will share those with you, my focus is to provide you with information and resources and to help you develop your skills so that you can effectively identify and seek out openings on your own. Supporting you in the job search process to ensure you are as prepared and confident as possible is my area of expertise.
No advance preparation is required. However, if you have a resume or cover letter, no matter how old, you can share that at our first session along any career assessments that you have taken in the past.

Yes! At this time all my appointments are being done using Zoom as a starting point. Phone and email assistance are also available for continuing sessions depending on the topics we are working on.

If you do need to cancel or reschedule an appointment, please try to allow 24 hours notice. This will allow me the opportunity to offer the appointment time to another client.

Wherever you are in your career journey, there is a path to something better — reach out today.