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Create a new path


Andrea Weiss can help affected executives and employees:

  • Handle the emotions of job loss
  • Identify and explore new options
  • Develop a plan for moving forward
  • Create a powerful resume
  • Prepare for interviews
  • Maintain a positive attitude
  • Accelerate the job search

Outplacement FAQs


Guiding Successful Career Transitions

Budget reductions, reorganizations and the resulting layoffs are unsettling and accompanied by a variety of both practical and psychological needs that must be addressed to support employees and move them towards re-employment. Investing in outplacement services underscores the organization’s commitment to and concern for its employees, gives the affected employee(s) a support system during their transition and allows for reputation and risk management.

Because most displaced employees are not well versed in the strategies needed to manage the stress of losing their job or the techniques to aggressively undertake a search for a new one, the primary goal of outplacement services is to provide the training, skills and support necessary for them to become re-employed as quickly as possible.

Whether working with a large group of employees or a single executive, Andrea provides customized outplacement services that lead to successful and meaningful career transitions. Either as stand-alone services or combined as a package options include: transition workshops, one-on-one coaching, ongoing phone and email consultations, and a comprehensive job search manual. Andrea confidentially consults with management on the combination of services that best meet the organization’s needs, budget and timing.

For questions or to arrange for outplacement services, please contact Andrea today.